BLACK WATER CREEK – Big Foot or Serial Killer ???


Stars: Nelson Irizzary

A Marshall Ever flick.

So,Chemical Burn presents a shocker that may be a monster movie about Big Foot or it could be a horror about one nasty serial killer.

Filmed in Maryland and it was very cold evidently during shoot.

Nelson plays a detective with alot of baggage to dredge back up as he goes to solve a cold case,That becomes a ‘cold -blooded ‘ case.

The monster ( furry one) is an okay costume with lots of menacing and action that goes beyond it’s look.

The serial killer angle is so mean and cruel that he outdoes the ‘Furry’ monster to become a worse one.

Film has alot to recommend it,Especially when producers seem to be a VODKA company,How awesome is it for an Indy Filmmaker to get that kind of support to film your visions.



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