CHANEL RYAN -She REFUSES to scream like a little princess !



1) You work alot ?


Yes I do! I have been busy busy busy!


I have four films premiering this month!  Horror fanatics who missed the world premiere of CIRCUS OF THE DEAD at Texas Frightmare, can catch the films East coast premiere at Bizarre AC in Atlantic City in June: ;  DEAD SEA, the “Creature Feature”, will be available on VOD/DVD May 20th;  ALICE D. from director Jessica Sonneborn, I play Kane Hodder’s evil sidekick, is being awarded “best horror” film at IFS Festival where the premiere is being held on May 27th;  SKUM ROCKS narrated by Alice Cooper is having it’s U.S. premiere at Mann’s Chinese theater May 30th, the film has an all star cast including Kevin Bacon, Matthew Broderick, Fran Dresher and numerous rock & roll legends.


My Upcoming films include Romantic comedy LOVE ADDICT.  I have a very busy summer.  I head to New Orleans later this month for a supporting role in comedic studio pic MIND PUPPETS starring Kevin Pollak and Vinnie Jones. Late July, I’ll be reprising my role as “Ms. Gleason” in BAD KIDS GO TO HELL 2, opposite Judd Nelson and Ben Browder.  In August I head to Georgia and am joining the cast of haunted house film MARKED in one of the lead roles.  In September I am working on zombie film THE UNDEAD.  We are shooting in Massachusetts.  It is an ensemble cast including myself, Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Suzi Lorraine and Jessica Sonneborn.  Fans of vampire project DRAKUL will be happy to know the producers are in negotiations to film 5 new episodes for a British TV station.


BAD KIDS GO TO HELL  is  holding strong in the #1 position on Hulu for I think the 5th week in a row!

2) Hate being a Scream Queen ?


I am an actress who happens to be cast in a few films in the horror genre.  I consider it a compliment to be recognized by the horror community.  I go back and forth between comedies, studio films and projects in the horror genre.  There just happens to be more juicy roles available to me in horror films recently.  And horror films are the most fun to work on!

3) Do’ Blondes’ really have more fun On/Off sets ?


Blonde, brunette or red head fun is a state of mind.  But yes I love what I do and getting to play on set is part of it.

4) One Sentence Descriptions :


Bill Oberst Jr. is a huge talent, and one of the most under rated actors who’s time is coming.


Billy Pon is a mad genius who marches to his own drum, which is what makes his films so disturbingly good!  One minute he is a teddy bear and the next a grizzly bear!   — Oh wait that’s 2 sentences!


Leigh Scott –  Working with Leigh is like working with a friend his stories are unique and complex.


Rick Sloane is a sweet heart, and an unusual character which is evident by the kooky world’s that his characters inhabit in his films.


Kieth Smith  – Don’t be fooled by the Texas twang and good ole boy demeanor, Keith Smith is a force to be reckoned with.

5) Ever gonna write or direct ?


Never say never.  I would love to direct some day, and have a few stories in my head.  Who knows maybe I will write them down.  For now I am very happy as an actress and feel like my acting career is just beginning.

6) BEST of The ‘Chanel’ On/Off sets ?


I am brutally honest, and not afraid to say what’s on my mind and tell people how to make their films better.

7) WORST of The ‘Chanel’ On/Off sets ?


I am brutally honest, and not afraid to say what’s on my mind and tell people how to make their films better !

8) What do you think of Live Events like ‘Texas Frightmare’ and ‘FANtastic Horror Film Festival,San Diego’ ?


I am actually doing this interview on the plane en route home from Texas Frightmare weekend!  It is the first event I have done in the horror genre.  It is officially my favorite show/event!  The horror fans are the greatest and are responsible for the show being so much fun!  A big thank you again to Lloyd from Frightmare for bringing me out and hosting the world premiere of CIRCUS OF THE DEAD, and to the fans for making the event so great!


I hope Fantastic Horror Film Festival is as much fun!

9) ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’,You play a mom ???


Who told you that?!  I play a cheerleading coach!

10) Ok,Give us that speech to end all speeches….


I will give you the same speech I end every interview with.  I am a huge animal lover and advocate for animal rights.  If you own a pet please spay or neuter it and it you are thinking of getting a pet please look into adopting from your local shelter or animal rescue.  There are so many wonderful animals in need or safe, loving homes.  Be part of the solution and help end animal homelessness and abuse.


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