PARRISH RANDALL – Not Your Grandma’s Leading Man

          1)Was ‘Birdey & Bogey’ your first film ? stories ?
Actually, my first film was a movie entitled “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” shot in Dallas back 2001. I had no lines, but I played a militant type dude who got a fair amount of screen time…and I got to work with and meet John Savage, Gina Philips and Dylan Bruno. So it was really a cool time, a great learning experience and I was very happy to be there! I do remember though that in the film my character, along with several others, were poisoned by poisoned pancakes…and those pancakes they made to bring about our “cinematic croaking” REALLY had a bunch of people gagging! Ha! Baaaaad pancakes they were…made on the set in high volume during a 100 degree plus day…and we had to do many, many takes stuffing these pancakes down! It was indeed an easy death to act out for the camera for all of us after those pancakes from hell! Hahahaha. “Birdie and Bogie” was for Norris Family Films and came three years later. I had a bit part in that one too, but it was a really cool time!

2)Will you write or direct again?

Actually, there are some folks in L.A. who have been talking to me about directing again. I am thinking, yes, I will do this in time! They have sent me a script that they would like for me to take the directorial reigns on and it reads good. So, we’ll see!

3) One sentence descriptions –

Chanel Ryan – a 110% professional and uber talented actress, a beautiful lady and a friend who is great to work with!!!
Marilyn Burns – A true friend, a legend, a genuinely good soul and someone whose work in the genre is phenomenally awesome!!!
,Bill Oberst Jr – Super guy to work with, awesomely talented actor whose approach to acting is much like my own in that he also adheres to the ideology that acting is never acting…in other words, make whomever your playing a reality for the cameras and that eventual audience!
Loyd Cryer – Loyd is one of coolest cats I know in that he is someone who grew up a fan of horror whose dedication to honoring the genre and the fans thereof has become the Lone Star State’s largest horror convention, he is a true friend to the genre and he has been one of the best friends I have ever had.
Clint Glenn Hummel – Clint is great guy and a super talented actor, someone whom I will always call friend and also someone whom I will always appreciate as it was he who was the first to push for casting me in my first principle role as bad guy ‘Blythe’ opposite his character ‘Ryn’ in “The Quick and the Undead”!

4)BEST of Parrish On/Off set ?
I never feel I have been my best or done my best on set. No matter what, I am my own harshest critic…so I never am truly satisfied with whatever performance I have given. I cannot imagine ever feeling I have even done just “okay”, much less my “best”! I always beat myself up! When I watch any film I have done I always tell myself, damn, I should have brought this instead of that…or I feel I should have held that one moment or a beat longer. I think most any actor has those insecurities that will never allow him/her to feel any performance they’ve given is quite good enough.
Best off set – marrying my wife Teresa 28 years ago.
5) WORST of Parrish On/Off set ?
Again, worst on set for an actor is any day when, after you wrap for the day, you go back to the hotel room and wish you could do it all over!
Worst off set – Honestly, my mom’s passing back in 2003. What a void in the heart that creates and it is one that can never really be filled again. The pain of that loss I do draw from when playing certain scenes in certain film roles.
6) What is your real name ???
Ahhhh, Parrish Randall…didn’t you know that?!!!
7) Ever make a movie not in Texas ?
Yes. “The Quick and the Undead”, “The Flesh Keeper”…they were shot in part in California. “Chillerama” was also shot in CA. I also did a film called “Dawson War” last year which was shot in Ohio, a web series episode for the drama “Girl/Girl Scene” shot in Kentucky and a few other out of Texas shoots like “Vamped” in Louisiana.  Texas, however, has been super great to me, it’s my home state and so many horror flicks are shot here. A lot of Texas filmmakers have a true love for the terror flick genre…and for many, I think, it stems from 1974’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”! I know it does for me as an actor and also as a fan of the genre.! There are a lot of superb filmmakers creating projects in the Lone Star State and all across the country…thanks to the new technologies and to the shifting dynamics of the film industry itself!!!
8) What are your feelings about FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego,CA. ?
I am super excited about attending! Hey, I love meeting fellow fans of terror films. I have always been a fan of the horror genre, since I was a small kid, so meeting folks of like kind at horror film fests and conventions is always too cool. I am a lucky and thankful guy who gets to participate in the making of a few films that fall into the category of what has been my favorite genre of film since I was about six years old!
9) Do BLONDES have more fun ?
Hahahaha…I guess it is fair to say that, specific to my experience, I have gotten to have a whole lot of fun in front of the cameras and also a whole lot of fun meeting so many cool fans of the genre at TFW and other conventions…so for me, if the hair color has had anything to do with my being blessed with those opportunities, then I will say heck yes!
10) Final words to the PARRISHioners(Your fans) ?
I have to say to those friends of the genre who so kindly support me in my work, thank you. You guys are friends to me…and I sincerely mean it when I say that I appreciate the support you folks give me and that I am super thankful to and for ya’ll. I always say…and I mean this sincerely…I work for you guys. It is those folks who watch and support the films that enable any of us who endeavor to make films to continue working. Any actor who does not appreciate those folks who view and support the work that he or she does on screen has lost sight of why films are even made…and why actors are lucky enough to be a part of making them. It is always, always for the audience…and if you are fortunate enough to do something that an audience approves of and likes…be forever grateful to, humbled by and thankful to and for that audience. I am seriously so humbled and grateful and thankful that folks are so kind and that they care enough to watch a film that I am a part of…that I always will be there for those friends who make up that audience. So thank ya’ll and God bless!

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