CHRISTOPHER LEE – A Legacy of Horror and Terror dvd

released by Chemical Burn.

Amazing Documentary about a fantastic actor : Christopher Lee.

He Played Dracula, Saruman and Count Dooku !

So,Yes- This was filmed a few years back,But  it is updated with recent pics and any footage of Mr. Lee is most welcome.

To watch Chris Lee answer questions from moderators and fans so patiently is something to behold.

Lee pauses between answers and his expressions of his memories need no words to explain the emotions that flood back to him, Such a treat to see the man without  a script.

Lee discusses his friendship with Peter Cushing through out their lives and careers,The two were almost blood twins in the way they interacted with wives accepting the unrivaled chemistry.

Some readers may recall Vincent Price (MJ Thriller MV) and Christopher made a few films with him too and they took those occasions to share lives off screen about simpler things.

The movie trailers are included to quite a few of his films.

He recalls not being proud of all his films and lack of control,But maintains over 200 films and acting over 60 years and the odds involved.


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