My imdb page: www.imdb.me/tiffanifest

My band’s EP :  http://jimdolore.bandcamp.com/album/okay-now


1) Singing or acting ?

       Acting first for sure. But I love music. It’s always been a huge part of my life. I’d love to play more roles with singing in them. Like if they ever did a movie about Bikini Kill & I could play Kathleen Hanna, that would be a dream come true.

2) Is CIRCUS OF THE DEAD the role you always needed ?

                  I hope so:)  It’s certainly opening alot of doors for me. Which is something completely unexpected. I’d taken a hiatus from acting when this role came along, and it’s been the most wonderful surprise & a real joy.

3) One Sentence Descriptions –

Bill Oberst Jr: a true inspiration; a mentor & a role model for me as an artist.

Tyler Hickman: a kind, young, passionate soul.

Matthew Prater_A goofball, fun-loving, ambitious.

Gary Sinise: a true actor’s actor. Humble. Down to earth.

Jim Dolore: one of my best friends and a truly badass bass player.

4) Did the cast of ‘Blood Island’ really travel to Belize ?
                   Yes! It was the first movie I booked when I moved to Los Angeles, and it was a 14 day trip to the Caribbean. Not too shabby 🙂
5) You kind of have a ‘Linda Hamilton’ vibe ?
                   Wow. That is a high compliment. I get her & a young Sigourney Weaver a lot. Both badass women in cinema. I would love to follow in their footsteps.
6) BEST of The ‘Tiffani’ On/Off set?
            I’m super friendly & laid back. I hate divas & superficiality. I make friends with everyone on set.
7) WORST of The ‘Tiffani’ On/Off set  ?
                I am my own worst critic for sure. Usually my first take is my best one. Otherwise I start to overthink it, get too self conscious.

8) Hardest thing you had to do on a movie ?
              I was in a film called “Dig” where we were shooting “summer” scenes in 20 degree weather in the desert. That was hard. Just physically speaking. But pleading for my life with a weighted gun in my mouth while Parrish Randall cried and Bill Oberst Jr looked me dead in the eyes – man, that was intense. Emotionally, I was pretty shaken after that scene. I think we all were. It was such a rush.
9) What are your feelings about being at FANtastic Horror Film Festival ?               I am sooo stoked. The horror film community & the fans are all totally new to me. The support so far has been overwhelming. Plus, my band is playing at the event so I can’t wait to see the response!
10) Those words we get to take a way from you and learn from ?
            Dance to the beat of your own drum. Always. And never, ever, let someone tell you what you can & can’t do.tiffani2

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