LOST FAITH – ‘Crackerexploitation’ Films just found their star !



A Joel D.Wynkoop DVD from Cultmoviemania .

This  DVD is Icon Joel D. Wynkoop effort at SOV Iconism.

Filmed on ‘Tv News’ type video,It looks good and doesn’t show it’s age as badly as one would guess.

Filmed in Florida,gorgeous sets on location,The Island was a nice touch.

The acting is all over the place, Wynkoop even as a young man is very comfortable in front of the camera and his martial arts skills were very entertaining in technique.

The other people who acted may show some talent and others were JUST friends,who helped Wynkoop.

Actually has a religious angle,and helps story move along to a logical conclusion.

There is even a tribute fight scene to ‘Lonewolf McQuade’ movie  and I wish Wynkoop could have fought David Carradine or Chuck Norris (hey,He played a bad guy twice).

This movie is nearing  it’s 25th year anniversary, So the DVD release from ‘Cult Movie Mania ‘  is most welcome.





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