A CLOWN’S RECOVERY – trial by fire for performer

clownsStars : Eric Broomfield.

A Matthew Broomfield documentary about his brother ‘Jelly Boy’.

So awhile back reviewed a horror movie called FREAKSHOW APOCALYPSE  and it had unique elements of a modern sideshow and a plot.

One of the performers was Eric aka Jellyboy,Think I referred to him as SKREECH (HOTC tv) the clown,Eric is geeky and scary with his fire and sword antics.

So,A few years after that film,Eric was caught in a apartment fire three stories up including the buildings fire escape,FDNY broke down his locked door and found him crouching down in his bathtub with 15 % of his body burned and severe damage to his lungs.

Eric makes a major and fantastic recovery,Going off his prescribed meds cold turkey and is back to swallowing swords and ,Yes,Eating Fire again.

There are very famous films about clowns – The Clown Who Cried w/Jerry Lewis, IT w/Tim Curry and Greatest Show On Earth w/Jimmy Stewart….A Clown’s Recovery should be added to list.


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