JEFF HERBERGER – The Go-To Guy for Eastern SOV

mrh21) Do you want to write & direct more ?

I’m really only involved in the writing process mainly in my documentary work. I’ll write copy for voice over commentary to steer the project in the right direction, and then turn it over to real writers who know what they’re doing. When it comes to writing and math, I’m a bit of a blithering idiot. It’s the right/left brain thing. I did direct a few episodes of The Adventures of Louanna Lee, but the majority of my directing work has been with documentaries.


2) Documentaries are your favorite medium ?

Visual  storytelling of any kind is something I love to do. After attending the University of Southern California School of Cinema & Television back in the 80’s, it’s all I’ve ever done. The past few years I’ve been collaborating with Gary and Susan

Svehla, of Midnight Marquee Press. We are releasing a series of feature length documentaries that use interview footage I shot back in the 1990s at the Famous Fanex Film Conventions here in the Baltimore area. This footage is the backbone

of Reality Entertainment’s release of Robert Wise: American Filmmaker, and the upcoming Christopher Lee: A Legacy of Horror & Terror-The Ultimate Dracula, Hammer & Lord of The Rings. This rare interview footage is also displayed in the upcoming Documentary Series, Monster Madness: The Series, with four feature length episodes. I’m also planning on a film called Hitchcock, Herrmann and Production 9401 (The Making of Psycho)

3) Who does the posters/movie covers ?

Every producer or distributor has their own preferred artists who produce amazingly artistic posters & cover art for their films. Jennifer Rouse did the poster for Day of The Gun and Robert Long has done the work for Lee Doll Film Productions.


4) BEST of The ‘Jeff ‘ On/Off set ?

I think that the collaboration process on a film set is when I’m at my best. As a Director of Photography, I like to think on my feet, watch the actors rehearse and then work out the shooting angles with the director to best spotlight what the actors are trying to do. I’ve tried doing the storyboard thing, but find it very restraining and counterproductive most times. As an editor, it’s a joy to find those golden moments that work as the film is being laid out in front of you, initially never realizing it when it happens in front of the camera.


5) WORST of The ‘Jeff ‘ On/Off set ?

Being prepared & knowing how to use the gear that is in front of you is the most important aspect of filmmaking. There are no excuses for bad exposure, bad lighting or crappy audio recorded on set. Most times you don’t get a redo. I worked on

a Don Dohler film called Blood Massacre, where we rented a camera from a supply house, and without doing any tests, we shot for days only to get the negatives and work prints back with lots of scratches, and that footage actually ended up in the film, scratches and all.


6) One sentence descriptions –

Eric Roberts __________,It was a joy to work with Eric Roberts on Day of The Gun. Between takes he was funny, open about himself and Hollywood, making everyone on the set feel at ease. Wayne Shipley actually had Eric in mind when he wrote the part and Eric really delivered.

Wayne Shipley—Wayne Shipley is a driving force in the Maryland Independent film community, totally dedicated to putting his films on the screen in the most realistic manner possible.

George Stover—George Stover is truly an iconic actor. Baltimore filmmakers love to work with a man that really cares about what he’s doing, and the younger actors really admire and appreciate his history.

, Lee Doll —Lee Doll, recently voted into The Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame, refreshingly embraces nostalgic movie making with gusto and enthusiasm, with shows like the Adventures of Louanna Lee & The Fixer Series

And Mark Redfield —-.Mark Redfield is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with. One needs to see his work in the surrealistic art film The Death of Poe to see a true actor at work.


7) Hardest thing ever accomplished on a film?

This is kind of a weird answer, but the hardest thing to accomplish is actually finishing a film, any film. How many projects have we all worked on and seen simply disappear…lots.


8) What are the ED WOOD AWARDS ?

The Ed Wood Awards were given out to the worst films ever at a Fanex Convention by filmmakers Fred Olen Ray and Ted A. Bohos. I was lucky enough to be there and capture this hilarious event on glorious Beta SP tape.


9) Ever wanna work in HOLLYWEIRD ?

I’d love to go back to hollyweird. I spent a year there attending the University of Southern California School of Cinema & Television, so I don’t have an agenda to go back. I see a lot of younger folks, mainly actors, head out there to live the dream and I completely understand that, but the fact is, that in this digital age, good filmmaking can happen anywhere.


10) Those words of wisdom,That people need to read from you ?

If you’re lucky enough to be involved in making a film, give it your all, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them, because that’s what ultimately makes you a good filmmaker.MrH




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