THE BITE – What If ‘BLADE’ was a Honkie ?


Stars: Joel D. Wynkoop in a Joel D. Wynkoop flick.

Released in DVD ‘Box -O-Vision’ !

So, Wynkoop has some action skills,still.

Catherine,One of the lead females,Is Joel’s wife and she and him even on screen have this chemistry that is nice to see in Micro-cinema.

Joel has been wearing glasses for decades now and in opening fight it’s obvious that he is aware of distraction,But we did’nt ask Chuck Norris to shave ever again or Stallone to ease off the juice.

Another unique aspect of the ‘Wynkoop School’ of film-making is the mixed races playing all kinds of characters,That is great casting.

The vampire angles kind of comes and goes,They are mostly in the sun in scenes and stakes kill them and some kind of heart thump with Wynkoop fists and some kind of uber shot to neck.



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