LEE DOLL – This Man still makes FAMILY MOVIES !

  1. lee1How are You and Louanna different than Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley ?

Louanna and I own all of our Master Recordings. We’ve always been on my record label, Neat Face Records, which I began in the ’80s. We have complete control over our recording and film projects, since I am the Producer of all of them. We are not beholden to any corporation.

  1. Are you ‘READY FOR ACTION’ ?

YES. Ready For Action is the title of my latest film, now in production. This will be my 10th DVD release. I also wrote and recorded the theme song of the same name. We shot a music video, so yes, I am ready for action.


3.Was ‘The Maryland Sound ‘ anything like ‘The Philly Sound’ back in the

day ?

I don’t believe there ever was a Maryland Sound.There is not one particular kind of music that can be claimed as “the Maryland Sound.” We have both kinds of music: Country and Western. http://youtu.be/DCkuMLyHDW8

4. One Sentence Descriptions –

Louanna Lee—Louanna is a well behaved young lady that will soon be recognized as a well rounded entertainer.

George Stover—George Stover is my friend, a talented actor, cult-movie-star, and a genuine gentleman.

Wayne Shipley—Wayne Shipley is a writer, actor, director, my mentor, and my friend.

Alfred Guy—I can’t say enough things about Alfred Guy. He is my friend, and contributes so much to my films.  He is a writer, assistant director, stunt coordinator, safety advisor, and actor. He is also a very talented Martial Artist. Alfred is about to release his first song, “Which Way To Go” on Neat Face Records. Alfred Guy is a one-man entertainment dynamo.

Eric Roberts—Eric Roberts is a character actor for hire and a very nice guy. I only spent a short time with him while working on Day of the Gun.  http://youtu.be/74CSrptstwM

5. BEST of ‘The Lee’ On/Off set ?

On the set, I encourage cast and crew to be creative. I love those unscripted moments that are captured for posterity.

Off the set, I’m a pretty boring guy.  I like to read and watch films.

6. WORST of ‘ The Lee ‘ On/Off set ?

I am always ‘ON’. I live, breathe, eat, sleep entertainment. There is no such thing as being ‘OFF’.

7. The Hardest thing you have ever done on set or in studio ?

A 13 hour day of filming all the major martial arts battles for The Fixer: “The Power of Balance”.


8) Where is that ‘STEVERINO (Steve Rifkin) web-series ,Weren’t his photo-fans promised it ?

Ha-Ha! That’s Show Biz!

Steverino: Ace Photographer has appeared in every one of my productions since his debut. We released 2 short subjects starring him. Steverino is enjoyed by every demographic. He is one hep-cat! You want more? http://youtu.be/ywDFVYHjsfc

9) Music or Movies ?

Music and Movies are a perfect pair. One compliments the other. Fortunately, I can intertwine one with the other. I produce music videos, put my music in my films, and my films sometimes inspire me to write new songs. We now have 13 Artists on Neat Face Records.  http://www.leedoll.com/sounds.html  Their songs appear in my films.

10) Okay,Explain the ‘Doll Method’ to life ?

Surround yourself with the most talented people you can find, and provide an atmosphere for them to be creative.lee2


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