ROBERT WISE – Truly Talented & Humble Director plus

This documentary from Jeff Herberger (director) and A. Susan Svehla (writer) presents a man who directed & edited amazing films ,Loved by all film watchers and he had no attitude about his craft.

Robert Wise ‘The short list’:

Magnificent Ambersons, Run Silent Run Deep, Day The Earth Stood Still, The Sand Pebbles, West Side Story, Sound Of Music, Audrey Rose, Andromeda Strain, Star Trek : The Motion Picture.

Not to mention-The extras are awe inspiring…Alot of trailers for his films,alot of Behind The Scenes of his films,Many tributes to Wise from his actors who talk with much respect and admiration for how they were treated on his sets.

Actually seeing him interviewed in segments really filled in his legacy, He filmed all genres and had a knack for perfecting a film before it’s release,His editing again is heavily compared to his directing.


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