TERROR in the PHARAOH’S TOMB – Scary Tribute to Mummies with a plot too…


Stars: Leanna Chamish,George Stover ,Nicolai Volkoff,Bela Lugosi and Peter Lorre,Lon Chaney Jr,Lionel Atwill,George Zucco,Barbara Stanwyck and Leo Gorcey.

Write & Direct by : Susan Svehla.

This movie is pretty impressive,First there is a real story to go with found footage of some our classic scary-actors,the editing of the two cinematic worlds is pretty seamless and the leads are most welcome with credible turns at scenery chewing.

Quibbling comes in when you realize this is definitely made for safe audiences,Slight violence and queen shows a wee bit of skin,But that is all.

Big fan of the current leads Leanna Chamish (from the Loanna Lee series ) is very mean as a queen,George Stover ( Maryland film community Icon) plays muliple roles and is so convincing and Nicolai Volkoff ( WWE wrestler)plays well an Impressive Russian character.




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