Michael Wainwright

1) Do you prefer Horror Films,Or what ?

          To be honest I really don’t have a particular preference in regards to what category a film falls under. When it comes to Horror films I want to be something that is not only scary, but that also can be something that can actually happen in real life, which raises the fear to another level. The first horror film I ever saw was the original Halloween when I was a kid on Halloween night, and I remember after watching it I was so full of the energy of fear from the movie that it was not an easy walk back to my bedroom, which was down a dark hallway towards the back of the house. Of course eventually I made it but that movie made that walk particularly dramatic that night. When I see a Horror film I want to not only be scared during the movie but I want that fear to stay with me for a while afterwards. That’s what I call a great horror film. So when it comes to movies in general if whatever movie it is stays with me after the final credits have rolled then that movie is one of preference for me.

2) Ever gonna write or direct ?

           Actually I have co-written a play titled “Our World 31: Last Chance, The Saving of a Shadow” which will also be performed by me and you could even say I’m co-director of it as well since it’s a one person 22 page monologue that takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride that when it comes to end they are hopefully able to take with them that no matter what type of obstacles are in your life, nothing is insurmountable.

3) One Sentence Descriptions –

Arch Hall Jr.-A very cool and talented 70 year old legend that unfortunately for some folks has a real big yearning that can’t be controlled.
,Robert Mukes—If it wasn’t for Robert we wouldn’t be having this interview because I never would have met Michael S. Rodriguez.
,Meghan Chadeayne—She will definitely start causing your blood to boil that eventually that blood will be leaking through your pores.
Michael S. Rodriguez—-A hard working and dedicated family man who I hope to know for the rest of my life. A great personality who has a tremendous amount of energy and dedication into not only fulfilling his dreams but the dreams of others as well.
and Kaci Hansen— Another person with the ability to bring craziness to life when the cameras are rolling.

4) BEST of ‘MIKEY’ On/Off set ?

     Well the best of Mikey on set was the whole experience of getting to be a principle for the first time and creating a character that will always exist in the chambers of my soul. The best of Mikey off set is that each day I get too live a life that is the life of someone actually pursuing their dreams.

5) WORST of ‘ MIKEY’ On/Off set ?

            The worst of Mikey on set was I began to lose my voice on the second day of shooting and it became very frustrating to me because the character of Wicker was developed by me for 2-3 months and I had a connection to that voice, my voice was like a light-switch and when it turned on, well let’s just say I was no longer me, I was WICKER. The worst of Mikey off the set is “I PLEAD THE FIFTH”.

6) Did you watch ‘Night Of The Sea Monkey’,What did you think ?

        Yes I saw Night of the Living Sea Monkey and after seeing it I can’t wash my dishes unless someone is there standing next to me(lol). My favorite scene in the movie was the scene when they were at the dining room table and the way the characters interacted with each other.

7) Ever wanna do a ROMANCE or COMEDY ?

      I would love to do a comedy. but I have no interest in doing a romance.

8) Is HAIR over-rated ?

Hair is definitely over-rated.

9) How often do you work out ?

      I workout just about everyday. I go to the gym at least 5-6 times a week. I’m also very active in world of sports officiating. I referee football, basketball, and softball at the high school level. Working out has become a very important part of my lifestyle.

10) Okay,LAMB FEED looks to be another ‘Cult Film’,Are you prepared for ” Rev Wicker ” Groupies?

If Rev Wicker becomes powerful enough to have his own groupies, well let’s just say those groupies will sure be supplying a lot of LAMB for my family!






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