LEN KABASINSKI – Can make a movie better than Hollyweird.

LEN KABASINSKI ,the interviewlenK


You still do your own stunts ?
ANSWER: Yes, of course. Ive been involved with martial arts most of my life and have always tried to keep in the best shape possible year-round. It’s a lifestyle more then it is “prepping” for this film, that play, etc etc. Diet, exercise, and martial arts is really just “my routine”….what I do….how I live and there’s guys older then me, more dynamic then me, etc but I stay within myself while also trying to learn and advance myself every opportunity I can. Learning can be derived from anything really, take a step back and treat everything with some kind of meaning.

2) Ever visited HOLLYWEIRD ?
ANSWER: Sure, a couple times. I went out to visit one of my good childhood friends and attend the big Fangoria conventions. I didn’t mind it. but im from Erie, PA and I love Erie, PA. This is my home, im proud of it….you’re going to deal with wannabees/posers/yes men/asskissers , etc anywhere you go. They’re not indigenous to “just Hollywood”, lol. Its my right to find clowns like that annoying as hell, and in turn its their right not to like my abruptness and feelings on it  ive been on the indie scene for a while and usually the first observation I make when I meet or see poser/wannabee “filmmakers” is “where’s their heart” and “ok. who are they trying to be”, lol. But that being said ive made A LOT of friends, and met A LOT of super genuine, nice people along my travels and I root for them and they root for me.

3) BEST of ‘The KAB’ On/Off set ?

ANSWER: On days, where were not forced to cram in shots/scenes; my and cast/crew joke around a lot and have fun. Lots of quotes being tossed around amoungst us from films like STEPBROTHERS, TROPIC THUNDER, and ROLE MODELS. My film SKULL FOREST really started this trend and cast/crew had a lot of fun for the most part on that film and in turn was the best time I had on a film so far…..and I don’t think that the two things are not related/intertwined. They certainly are. People having fun work harder for you. Offset, I just like to ride my motorcycle, lift weights, be a good dad, watch b movies in horror and martial arts genres, interact with fans as much as I can (ive met a lot of great people through Red Letter Media recently…so im looking at you guys!lol), and I actually like yard work 

4) WORST of ‘The KAB’ On/Off set ?
ANSWER: Onset and Offset, I just hate to have my routine disrupted. Im an asshole when I don’t get to keep my gym times when I want to, lol. I like routine. I like structure. When they get knocked around, I get out of whack. But im trying to get better at adapting and dealer more efficiently with it all. Onset, I really took the time on SKULL FOREST especially to develop schedules that I knew wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve…I don’t think there was a day onset where more then maybe 3 scenes were being shot tops. I hate (just like everyone else probably, lol) the proverbial “unforeseen same day set problems” , but im getting better at adjusting to that stuff when it happens and still being productive. But like anything in life really, its about knowing your limitations , recognizing deficits, and then learning and improving…..and im trying to do that now. SKULL FOREST is what it is, BUT it is a HUGE improvement (imo of course) from the “SWAMP ZOMBIES days”; and that’s what art should be. Making gains, learning, improving, making better projects….but at the end of the day start with where your heart is and go from there and build around it. When your heart isn’t at the center of your genre, your project, etc….im betting your film suffers.
5) One Sentence descriptions –
Jasmin St. Claire-“professional, knew all her lines, would highly recommend”
Luc Bernier-“dedicated, stylish, friendly, hard-worker, well-loved guy!”
Deborah Dutch-“very fit woman! Friendly my cast/crew loved her”
K.K.Ryder-“best performance in a KWF to day in NINJA:PROPHECY OF DEATH.”
Sara Brooks-“Hard worker. Trooper. Took direction
Well and is in my fav scene ive ever shot (the “up from the grave sequence” in SKULL FOREST)”

6) Hey,So Professional Wrestlers make good actors ?
ANSWER: Actually, I love working with professional wrestlers and real-life martial artists. They know how to “take bumps”, they know how to fall correctly in choreography, they know a lot of fight terminology already, and they’re obviously good at “selling” fight techniques to make other actors/actresses look good. Ive met life-long friends form using professional wrestlers in my films and worked with some real legends. Dan Severn was a very nice man, treated everyone great, even called workers at Pizza Hut “sir and ms…please, thank you”. Youd never know he’d pull your head off,lol. Nice, nice man. Not surprised as I find tons of martial artists are like this and that’s a tribute to what the martial arts can offer in terms of personality, demeanor, etc. Brian “Blue Meanie” Heffron whom I still speak with to this day….great, funny guy. Talented man that still works in the professional wrestling industry at The Monster Factory professional wrestling training facility in the Philadelphia, PA area. Brian Anthony, was one half of the NWA tag team champions and always has given me 110% effort on set. Lanny Poffo is a professional wrestling legend and a very nice man too….again, another wrestler whom ive had the pleasure of working with a couple times now. Smart and funny man.
7) Ever been hurt on a movie ?
ANSWER: Aside from tendonitis, bumps and bruises….nah. Same with my cast/crew…someone can get kicked or punched by accident and normally the one getting hit says “did you get the shot? Lets just keep going!” (LOL). I usually have a bunch of tough guys and girls, LOL. I always try to choreograph fights to what I feel is doable for certain actors/actresses. If they cant perform a spinning back kick in their repertoire….they I don’t put a spinning back kick in their choreography. The goal is to make everyone look good and we try our best to do that. When it works, its congrats to them and me….when it doesn’t work? I take the blame. (in Mr. Miyagi voice) “no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher”.
8) Prefer Acting,Writing or Directing ?
ANSWER: wow. I don’t know. i love fight choreography….i love to write and direct (especially fight scenes)….so I don’t know….thats tough to answer. I try to learn and get better at all of them and cant really pick a favorite, all have room for improvement and just when you think you know something you really no nothing and can improve that much more in an area.
9) Wanna explain NINJA: PROPHECY OF DEATH controversies ?
ANSWER: no real controversies per se’. the film got delayed when I had to switch editors. My current editor was getting married and just didn’t have the time to work on it and I know how life stuff goes and also know how time consuming editing is….no hard feelings at all. At all. But as NPOD was in limbo, I went on to produce SKULL FOREST. SKULL FOREST was going really well, and since I produced it, I went all in on post-production which was handled by my brother Stephen. A great experience getting to work with the man I grew up watching b-movies with. Just awesome. After the film was done, I put out ads to see if anyone would be interested in cutting NINJA. After several people applied I chose editor Chris Svbota who did a great job with what he was given and really “saved” NINJA. I started to ADR even more scenes in NINJA to increase the audio quality across the board but simply ran out of time. A mastery of the sound in the film is in order but as it stands, ive been told by many KWF fans that “its not a big deal” ,but being a perfectionist, 5 parts of inadequate audio in a 90 min film still annoy me. But as I said, take every experience as a learning opportunity and grow and get better from there.
Also, in post production for NINJA:PROPHECY OF DEATH I cut out numerous plot elements that were in the script. For example, the head villain (played by KK Ryder) was meant to be more then just a “clairvoyant”, she was meant to be a demon of sorts in Japanese lore called a “Futakuchi-onna”. Where her tentacles from her head would “eat” victims the NINJA cult would bring her. The little girl who was kidnapped in the film by the cult was lined up to be a “successor” to the villain and had the same “clairvoyant” powers. Knowing I didn’t have the means to get the kind of digital FX work needed to pull something like this off….i deleted all reference to this in the film. It really plays out like an all-out action film as it stand now I think….but that’s not for me to decide. That’s for the viewers, fans, etc to decide.
10) Last chance to encourage,enthrall,make the statement ?
ANSWER: A few months ago I was a guest on Red Letter Media’s “Best of the Worst” program which was a lot of fun and it was released in early May this year to view. Ive gotten a chance to interact with a lot of their fans and its really been a great experience. I did that feature for them plus some fight choreography for their film SPACE COP which is in production now. Nice guys (and girl)…I look forward to our paths meeting again. I highly suggest going to their website and checking it out. Well as for new happenings, I have an action film BLOOD MERCURY in post-production currently. Its less horror and more action so we’ll see how its received; especially by KWF fans. I produced this film as well and it was shot in Jamestown, NY and Erie, PA. all interiors we’re shot in the summer and the “in the mountains scenes” were shot in the dead of winter. This film should be ready to show in October of this year. Next up for me then will be ANGEL OF RECKONING a revenge/vigilante style picture that’ll shoot around the Northwestern Pennsylvania in July 2015. It’s a very, very dark in tone film for me so im just trying to put in the homework now to maximize what I can do to make the film its best. Lots of guns, some fights, and a very somber, dark tone in this one. Some new equipment, some new actors, a few surprises and off we’ll go. Thanks for having me!lenair


2 thoughts on “LEN KABASINSKI – Can make a movie better than Hollyweird.

  1. Len Kabasinski is definitely 1 of the Best Directors I’ve EVER worked with & I’ve worked with some awesome Directors!!!He’s so professional & a wonderful guy!He’s a true Artist & I’m honored to have worked with him!!!The Industry is lucky to have Len & his HITT movies!!!
    This is a GREAT Interview!Thanx so much 4 giving Len the accolades he so deserves!

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