1) Which is better commercials or films ?
     I wouldn’t say one is better. I do prefer narrative films over commercials.  I think commercials let you experiment and try new things more often. Working on a commercial is relative pretty short compared to a feature so you get to see the fruits of your work sooner. I would say narrative films allows you to push things farther though. Most commercial are selling a product or service, therefore they don’t allow you to light as moody as a narrative film. In short, commercials let you have more opportunities to take chances, but narratives allow you to taker bigger chances. Either way, they are both fun and have their own challenges.

2) You ever gonna write or direct a film ?

       I did direct a short film in 2007 called “The Treasonist”.  I don’t let very many people see it. It’s not great. I have recently directed a couple commercials, but I don’t like to direct very much. I love being a cinematographer, crafting an image.  I feel very much at home behind a camera. I’m not much of a writer, so don’t expect a feature written from me anytime soon.  I know way too many good writers to not hire them.

3) One Sentence Descriptions – Hulk Hogan, Scott Seargeant, Shotzi Blackheart, Meghan Chadeayne  and Shaun Piccinino.    

Hulk Hogan is a very cool dude and was super easy to work with.
Scott, is Mr. Marketing, he comes up with interesting and cool ways to promote films. 
Shotzi is interesting to say the least, her red hair is insanely cool, but she is a Blackhawks fan and that is not so cool(Go Oilers).
Meghan is an extremely determined woman who deserves a lot of credit for her success. 
I think the world of Shaun; he is such a talented dude, I would do anything for him. There are also a lot of others outside of this community that deserve many praises and accolades.

4) BEST of ‘The Beck’ On/Off set ?

            I love being on set, it’s where I belong. When I’m off set, I’m fortunate to have a beautiful wife and three amazing kids. I don’t do much else but work or be a husband and a father

5) WORST of ‘The Beck’ On/Off the set ?

           Worst thing on set is when I screw up, it happens to everyone but I’m pretty hard on myself.  When I’m not shooting I feel antsy, like I should be doing something.

6) Progress on Z-Survive and Blood Drive,Mr Firths Finale ?

               Like many films, they are waiting for funding or working on a rewrite. Since I’m mainly a Director of Photography I tend to have a lot of projects I’m potentially attached to.  These are just two of the projects I could be shooting soon.

7) Are cameras getting smaller or bigger or what ?

            The technology is advancing so quickly it is easy to get lost in what’s new.  Camera resolution has been a big marketing tool of late, but the improved dynamic range over the last couple of years has allowed digital capture to finally be considered an equivalent to film negative. Digital Cinema is still in its infancy stages, it will continue to change.

8) EVER been in front of the camera ?

        A few times in college for school projects. I have a brother who is a member of SAG-AFTRA so I’ll leave the acting to him.

9) Did your dad and family encourage or just tolerate your filming

           My mom and dad have always been pretty supportive, I’ve been very blessed. They are creative people themselves. I could not talk about support without mentioning my wife, she is an amazing woman who has always been there for me. 

10) Why will people wanna see your work in 10 years ?

     I hope they will want to see my work for several reasons, whether It be for technical merit or just a good popcorn movie to escape their own world for a couple of hours. I just want to be shooting films.  Hopefully there will be a large enough audience to keep me employed. adam&sean 


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