THE BURNER—Heats up a holdup !

burnertheStars: Jacqui Holland.

A Richard Greenwood short film.

So,This comes from the guy who unleashed THE WRETCHED PROLOGUE to great acclaim,This is not that film and is so fast,intense and modern cool.

Interviewed Jacqui a few years back and she is still amazing in this new film,Great to see her again.

The hero,If you wanna call Brian’s character that is so unlikable and needs a good thumping,But I guess that makes him the perfect casting choice.

Now,About the character the BURNER,He is awesome cool and needs a sequel,prequel or something more….

There is stolen money,drugs,pretty people,That king from ‘The Wretched’ and many weapons and least we leave our The Burning that ensues….



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