Treasure Chest of Horror – Shawn C Phillips & Lloyd Kaufman make icky anthology


Soooo,Shawn C Phillips is kind of an Icon in Indy Flix and he talked Lloyd (Troma boss) Kaufman into helping him with this effort.

This anthology has a host,That is no ‘Johnny Depp’ by a long shot.


VAMPIRES LUST – Well, It does have a Giant Vampire Bat,That’s cool.The parent actors are odd,with no flow of comedy.The character of TOBIAS,is a sad boy.He looks like ‘Herman Munster’ as a vampire.Shawn actually plays a amateur filmmaker,big stretch ,Sir !


Now,This segment has a wrist cutting scene,and with the Robin Williams suicide,It was probably too soon to review but,It ran in the middle of film and so review continues.Lloyd Kaufman inserts one of his crazy segments,But he did do alot of FART & POOP jokes while in a public restrooms.What pulls you out of the moment( IF this flick has any moments) is multiple mentions of Myspace and not Facebook.There is even a stolen gag, Similar to RON FORD having a ‘Arm Ripping Off ‘  to great effect.There was even a EDDIE DEEZEN lookalike to add some real comedy.Wow, There was Pee as Lemonade and Poop as Zombie Repellant…


was ok,for an ending.



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