TRAKKED – Sci-Fier with Pamela Sutch touches


Stars : Frank Ferrucio,Jade Elysan and Pamela Sutch.

Write & Directed : Pamela Sutch

Pamela Sutch is known as a Victim On Film and was last seen in this mode in SKULL FOREST.

In TRAKKED,She is the screen bully and puts her Boy-Toy through some painful hoops,Now he earned this punishment,But still.

It was awesome to see a smart woman,with tomorrow’s technology,And effects that make it plausible to viewers.

The cast led by Sutch brought a quality to goings on that alot of cable movies embrace.

The technical look of film was above what Pamela is used to on others movies and she shows what ‘Raising the bar’ could mean in this ‘Social Media’ as entertainment arena.trakked2


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