MIDNIGHT MATINEE PSYCHO – with a cast of dozens dying before us …

mmpStars:PJ(Halloween) SOLES,ARI(Friday The 13th) LEHMAN,SAL(Evil St.Nick) LIZARD and Lloyd(Troma boss) Kaufman.



Why, oh why are critics ‘Pain Threshold ‘ tested beyond a pleasant review….So often.

The cast of stars mentioned were filmed at DAYS OF DEAD convention and take the walk-on to a new level and yet they have a ad-libbed script and acknowledge the main character as having a back story,Best part of the flick.

The villianess is actually pretty,effective and menacing in her endeavors…LOL.

Some points to think on: MMP got distribution,the Sound is horrible,Most of the filming seems from a I-Phone lens and the murders were great,no really those moments rose above 95 % of film.


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