Michael S. Rodriguez – from Last American Horror Show to TERROR AT STATION 13 !


            1) So,You write alot of the Dark Side of Humanity,What triggers that in you ?

             I believe everyone has a little spark of darkness in them,even in the most good natured people.
I have always found the human condition and it’s dark counter part an interesting subject to write
about…Sure sea monkey is horror/ fantasy,but the disconnected family dealing with the situation
is a parody of real dysfunction within a family unit. LAMB FEED of course is a more serious and
definitely darker approach to my story telling. Although LAMB FEED also falls into the realm of horror/fantasy the subject matter and it’s undertones will definitely strike a chord with some
viewers which is why there will be a disclaimer and a speical note from the director at the begining
of the film. LAMB FEED is a work of fiction,but the primordial realism I will bring to the screen
will definitely set it apart from most shorts out there now.

2) Valleywood or Hollyweird…Preferred locations ?

 Definitely Valleywood! I don’t care so much for the limelight or red carpets. I am a home body
and will gladly give all that to the people in front of the camera.

3) One Sentence Descriptions –

           Lynn Lowry: A dear friend and an extrordinarily talented woman thank brings her absolute best to the set.
        Arch Hall Jr. : Archie is a one of a kind in this business and it was an honor to have directed such a

Robert Mukes: Mukes is an awesome individual and I consider him family.

4) BEST  of ‘The Rod’ On/Off set ?

     On set I have the focus and energy to bring out the best in my cast and crew. Off set I love being with my family. I truly cherish every moment with them.

5) WORST of the ‘The Rod’ On/Off set  ?

            On set when stressed I close up and become hard to approach.

Off set I have to be truthful here, it’s when I am writing a new project. I become a moody pain in the ass. Just ask my wife:)

6) Your films – NIGHT OF THE SEA MONKEY and LAMB FEED are being shown at FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego on Halloween…How that make you feel ?

        Dear  FHFFSD… I feel honored, exceptionally fortunate and torn at the same time as I have two shorts competing against each other. All and all I have complete confidence in both projects and am
happy just to be a part of this wonderful event win or lose.

7) at Bakersfield Collector Con in #Bakoptopia Next month,You  will meet fans in person, You SCARED ?

                 Very! One of my many superpowers is being socially awkward,but I do love fans and will answer
a question,take a photo etc.

8) So two of you films have ruined things people love…Those cute little things called SEA MONKEYS you could find in the back of comic books ad and Who doesn’t like to eat LAMB at holidays or when have a craving…You wanna Apologize,here ?

         No apologies! I honestly can’t wait to ruin something else!         🙂

9) Writing or Directing,Can you pick one ?

                  That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say writing. Directing takes it’s toll mentally and physically on me. Don’t get me wrong I love both with a passion, but when I’m frustrated with a scene I am writing I can get up and walk a way from the screen for hours or days…Can’t do that on a set.

10) Well,leave us with your Motto,Favorite saying or something pleasant to remember you by ???

Sure “Don’t be afraid to realize your dreams and make them happen…Fear of failure and/ or embarrassment without trying keeps most people with true potential from ever getting to where they really want to be. FUCK FEAR!!!”



DISCLAIMER from Editor: Original INTERVIEW (c) 2014,edited since then.





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