WELCOME TO MY DARKSIDE – ‘women in horror’ documentary


A Reyna Young /John Gillette flick.

Stars: Lynn Lowry,Bianca Barnett,Christa Campbell,Sarah French,Adrienne King,Brooke Lewis,Seregon O’Dassey,and many others who were very well heard & seen.

In my collection is ‘Shock Cinema’ 1-4 from Brinke Stevens & JR Bookwalter and thought that was the definitive showcase of Scream Queens for ever,But,Then’ Something To Scream About’ came out and we added that to our ‘Women In Horror’ archives of dvd.

So,this year WWMM is releasing WELCOME TO MY DARKSIDE,and Reyna and her SQ bffs show  us ‘What is going on in FILMS …’ now and how the show business of being a woman who likes horror,whether its creating it with a feminine angle or just being IN FRONT of the cameras and informing the males with cameras and scripts,That times they are changing …For the good of all.




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