ZOMBIE ISLE – The way gore should have been grinded !


Stars : Tony Jones,Jonathan Moody and Crystal Howell.

A Robert Elkins flick.

from WWMM & American Eyesore.

So,This is a really well made tribute,We shall call it to all those ’70s drive inn movies.

The girls are cute and embrace multiple stereotypes we always like to see in our ‘ Comfort Food’ movies – The smart one,the dumb one,the blond one,the scared one and the ‘McGiver’ one that uses a PENCIL to defeat hordes,Yes hordes of zombies that move Very Fast !

The boys are also represented by a couple stereo-types we have expected,The smart one,the flirt and then their is the TONY JONES turn,A professor ( No,not like Indiana Jones or even the one from Gilligan’s Island…finally a Island reference).

This professor carries a flask ,halliburton briefcase with what must be important things and a pipe and any way…He is a bad man.( period)

We left out some cool nods to ‘Shock Waves’ and Paul Blaisdell tribute,That was so awesome.



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