A DARK PLACE INSIDE – Indeed it is,Shown in a crimson fashion…


Stars : Chris Dalbey

Write & Directed by: Mike O’Mahony.

Let’s just say,A Dark Place…is well made and filmed with tons of scares,gore,hopes for retribution and a villian that should be high on a list of villians OF ALL TIME.

The lead actor,Chris Dalbey brings a sense of terror,That really goes ‘Balls to the wall’ with sheer intense,vitriolic glee.

The women are awesome,for the brief moments they are allowed to shine,If you will.The co-worker was one I was glad got offed(spoiler ?).The parents ,Umm…well,ewwww.

The tools,devices,accessories of villian—are amazing in their use and put to use they are 😦


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