BILLY BLAIR – The Beard, The ‘Tude and AWEsomeness

Billy Blairbillyblair4#‎FHFFSD‬

1) What is it like to be a Real Bad Azz ?

       Ha ha. Do I come off as a bad azz? Because I’m on the inside, I am oblivious on what’s going on here. But whatever it is, it feels good!

2) Ever wanna play the good guy ?

           Of course! I just can’t convince anyone that I can play a good guy! I guess that’s where the “bad azz” term comes in. Ha ha. They all day I look scary, so that’s why I’m stuck as the bad guy.  I’m kinda a good guy in Blood Sombrero and in Snake With A Human Tail.

3) Are the MACHETE films as much fun on set as they are to watch ?

            Yes and no. The no part is because we were out in the Texas heat all day pretty much, right in the middle of summer. And you know how hot it can get in Texas.

4) Why are you so invested in BLOOD SOMBRERO ?

          I’m invested in it because this is kinda like my Rocky. My Sling Blade. My Good Will Hunting. I want to take the road where I have to show everyone that I can be the leading man… or just get more bigger acting gigs, ha ha. And the only way to do that is do it yourself. My team that’s helping putting this together are hungry and that’s what you want on your team. The Hunger Force!

5) SNAKE WITH A HUMAN TAIL so so wrong,Is it right ?

      Yes, but controversy works. Right? You gotta strike a chord and that chord is coming from a Marilyn Manson album, ha ha. No one’s doing it so why not this team. Besides it’s just a film. Gotta say, Marv and Sheri play it off very well to make you cringe.

6) Play casting director ?

       We should all do a ‘Mongolian Death Worm’ sequel directed by Robert Rodriguez, ha ha!

7) BEST ‘The Billy ‘ On/Off set ?

        They’re all good, being on/off set. I can’t complain. Everyone has been really cool so far (knock on wood). The really best moments is taking it up with the big stars. Them complimenting my work (Forrest Whitaker).

8) WORST of ‘The Billy’ On/Off set ?

        Getting bit by chiggers on the set of Blood Sombrero, haha. I still itch from those fuckers. I’m scarred!! Oh yeah I had to fart really bad on the set of Sin City 2 and I was holding it. Then when I got a break, finally, I ran towards the bathroom, because I wanted to be courteous and let it out in there, but I didn’t quite make it in in time and the fucker blew… LOUD. Haha, so loud someone across the hall open the door to take a peak at what the hell that was. Then we locked eyes… I just went back on set and he closed the door. It was an awkward moment…

9) Ever shaved the Iconic Beard off ?

   You’re damn straight I would. Only if it were for a role of a lifetime.

10) Final thoughts to those fans coming to see you at FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego on HALLOWEEN ???

Man, come on out and get weird on this flick. What better way to spend Halloween then at a FANtastic horror film festival! Let’s get down baby, come on!!!blairsombrero



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