KATY FOLEY – FANtastic Katehhh Folehhh !

Katy Foleykaty1#‎FHFFSD‬

1) Which is gonna make you a STAR ‘Ditch Day Massacre’ or ‘Medusa aka the Resurrection of Medusa’ ?

     Can’t choose! As to not step on any toes I’m going to say neither, I plan on making myself a star.

2) You have done alot of TV,Like Homeschooled & 1000 Ways To Die ?

             A lot is never enough.

3) Ever gonna write or direct ?

        I do write. I’ve written a ton of sketches featured on my youtube channel ktdidwhatnow. I also got to work with Cedric the Entertainer and Slash on a political spoof I wrote for Funny or Die called Michele Bachmann Drops out and starts a rap career. And I just finished writing a comedy feature film that I plan to shoot by 2016. As far as directing goes I plan to do that later on in life.

4) One Sentence Descriptions –

Abe R. Rated –For Abe you can say “A man so bold he let me play Marilyn Monroe”
    ,Andrew MacKenzie–He is the white Robert Rodriguez
,Jeremy Kasten—A director who lets you play
 ,Thom Newell—The most calm and collected funny director you will ever get to work with
    and Bill Oberst Jr.—Why does this man not have an oscar yet?.

5) BEST of ‘The Katy’ On/Off set ?

    The Katy, I don’t think I’ve ever been referred to that way. The Katy’s best both on and off set is yet to come…

6) WORST of ‘The Katy’ On/Off set ?

    The Katy’s worst on and off set need not be mentioned 🙂

7) So,FANtastic Horror Film Festival ,You’re the MC & Awards Hostess,No pressure …Right ?

                 Not at all.

8) So,Why should filmmakers stay in California and film ?

           Filmmakers should stay in California and film because of it’s film-making history, great weather and the diversity of the city reflects many places around the world (or stretches of your imagination). But with that said I just wrote a movie about Michigan…awkward.

9) You have been in some award-winning projects, How did that feel ?


10) Last words to keep your fans enthralled till they see you next ?

Thanks for listening my full story will be told soon…katy2


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