Antero Mendonca aka The Batman for a 100 miles aroundantero 1

1) Hey,so you like The Batman & why ?

              I like the Batman because of the two personalities.

2) You do birthday parties ?

     I love children because I am one of them.

3) Tell us about your ‘Wonderful Toys’…The Tumbler and the Batcycle ?

             The bigger the toy the funner it is.

4) BEST of being ‘The Batman’ ?

               The power of looks, love and dedication.

5) WORST of being ‘The Batman ‘ ?

       There is nothing worst of Batman, besides heat and exhaustion.

6) BEST BATMEN – Adam West ,Michael Keaton,Christian Bale,Ben Affleck and Kevin Conroy .

                                three, two, one, four, five

7) July 4th & Your Batman, What is the connection ?

I’m Batman,LIVE !

8) What’s your secret for staying cool,Cosplayers wanna know ?                  Believe in Yourself.

9) ANI-Me.con  is important ,why ?

Its fun advertising

10) What would you like your fans and Batman’s to know ?

                That anybody can be Batman in all agesantero2

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