AWAKEN THE DEVIL —Jason Roth is ‘John Belushi’ reincarneted


A Daniel Falicki/Sector 5 film

starring Jason Roth & Matt Simpson Siegel.

Our headline is quite a compliment,Jason has all the unspoken finesse of a real actor like John had potential to be,When given a chance and Jason is given THAT chance here.

The DEVIL character was really scary and over in the ‘Fright Department’.

The Succubi  were amazing and changed the tone twice.

This film is done in that SIN CITY/Neptune Cinema verite that is prevalent in ‘Artsy Fartsy’ SYFY fare in the last couple of years,Blame AVATAR,Actually thanks James Cameron for opening the flood gate of awesome, no matter the budget.

Don’t wanna be unfair to Matt’s performance, He was sympathetic foil in a gentler ‘Karl Urban’ fashion.


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