FANtastic Horror Film Festival posts the winners


SAN DIEGO, CA November 4, 2014 -The FANtastic Horror Film Festival held their first annual Awards Ceremony at the Whiskey Girl Bar in city’s the Gaslamp District of San Diego.

The event was MC’d by actress Katy Foley, whose combination of stand-up wit and humor kept the ceremonies light and lively. After an entertaining performance by Mo “Mesmerizing Mo” Kelly, Foley began the proceedings.

Highlights of the awards ceremony included the award for Best Short Film (AWESOME OUIJA BOARD – Tonjia Atomic, Writer/Director), and Best Feature Film (KRAMPUS: the CHRISTMAS DEVIL – Jason Hull, Co-Writer/Director). Also featured were Most Memorable Line (“I want a divorce!” – Bloody Wedding, Robert Hoover, Director), Goriest Film (The Wretched Prologue – Richard Greenwood, Jr., Director), and Best Comedy/Horror (Zombie Casserole – Sanj Surati and John Iwasz, Directors). The Best of the Fest Award, voted on by the Festival audiences was awarded to local director Dean Whitney for his supernatural horror Ghostline. But the most emotional highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Lon Chaney Award for Excellence in Independent Horror to Horror Icon Bill Oberst, Jr., personally presented by Ron Chaney, the Great Grandson of Lon Chaney accompanied by his daughters, Jaclynn & Jennifer, Lon Chaney’s Great-Great Granddaughters.

The event was attended by representative stars, producers and director of their nominated films, as well personalities from Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Below is the complete listing of the winners:

Most Memorable Line
Bloody Wedding–Kate Murdoch, “I want a divorce!”

Goriest Film
The Wretched Prologue

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film
Phoenix Song

Comedy Film
Zombie Casserole

Zombie Film
Dead Kansas

Scariest Death Scene
Bloody Wedding

Original Story/Script

Original Score
KRAMPUS: the Christmas Devil – Aaron Forsyth

Special Effects Short Film
No Pets Allowed

Cinematography Short Film
Phoenix Song

Supporting Actress Short Film
Melanie Robel – Lamb Feed

Supporting Actor Short Film
Michael Wainwright – Lamb Feed

Actress Short Film
Lynn Lowry – Night of the Sea Monkey

Actor Short Film
Marv Blauvelt – Snake With a Human Tail

Director Short Film
Michael S. Rodriguez – Lamb Feed

Short Film
Awesome Ouija Board

Special Effects Feature Film

Cinematography Feature Film
The Cabining

Supporting Actress Feature Film
Melissa Mars – The Cabining

Supporting Actor Feature Film
Rich Goteri – KRAMPUS: the Christmas Devil

Actor Feature Film
Bill Oberst, Jr – Deadly Revisions

Director Feature
Jason Hull – Krampus: the Christmas Devil

Actress Feature Film
Cindy Merrill – Deadly Revisions

Feature Film
Krampus: the Christmas Devil

Screenplay Competition Winner
Gym Ratz: A Tail of Terror by Kevin M. Glover & Shant Yegparian

#1 Horror FAN
Felix Boroguez

Best of the Fest

The Lon Chaney Award for Excellence in Independent Horror
Bill Oberst, Jr.

About the FANtastic Horror Film Festival
The FANtastic Horror Film Festival is dedicated to providing an outlet for Independent Horror Films with a focus on movie viewers and the filmmakers. For three days, San Diego will be the Horror Capital of the United States, and plans to own Halloween.

A couple dozen films and as many shorts will be presented to the fans of Horror in San Diego. Film Distributors are invited to review the best in Independent Horror, and more important, Horror Fans will have a Party!

FANtastic Horror Film Festival
5663 Balboa Ave., Suite 376
San Diego, CA 92111-2705


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