LAMB FEED – Dont google ‘ The Yearning’ !

lambfeedStars: Robert Mukes,Arch Hall Jr.,Michael Wainwright,Meghan Chadeayne, Kaci Hansen,Tyler Gallant,Luke Church and Melanie Robel.

A Michael S. Rodriguez flick.

This flick seems like 90 minutes as a short film in a good way,It turns your insides out and says like a Roller Coaster – ‘ Had enough ?’.

Wanna say something about Luke Church,He of the James Dean look,You can act my friend and carry the plot thru some amazing costars who amp up the situation and leave you the victim.

We have some Iconic Scare-actors in this film,Robert Mukes is action figure or better yet Halloween costume worthy and Michael Wainwright is like a Michael Berryman son or some such,Bravo you two.

To see Arch Hall Jr. make this his comeback was inspiring and then Meghan Chadeayne comes in and steals absolutely every moment she is onscreen,I ‘double dog dare’ you to take your eyes off her !


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