T.M.I.(T.om steeber M.ust be I.nsane filmically)


That Tom Steeber  is quazy, In a good way for viewers !




Imagine if you will, Bringing back Vincent Price( MJ Thriller MV) and Orson Welles (google ‘Rosebud’ young’un) and you have a slayer of the Undead and and his trusty Wingman.

The locations were incredible,The second time I’ve been tricked into thinking,Wow,They spent bucks to travel,Curse you ‘The Wretched Prologue’.

We even liked the secondary characters and effects and music!flitter

Flitter is finally a chance for the studio’s mascot CYMBAL MONKEY to have a costarring role,You never seen the MGM Lion in a flick or Paramount’s Flame holding lady in a Rom-Com,See.

My wife hates moths of any kind so yeah,this would creep her out .




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