SIMONA BEAR CUB – Valleywood’s 1st Native American Scream Queen stars in TRIBAL BLACK OPS


1) What can you tell us about ZENAIDA film ?

        It was my first lead role in a film. My character Zenaida was a strong young woman who had to leave her college career behind to join the guerilla soldiers and defend her country.

2) Alot of modeling & dancing on your resume ?

          Yes! I’ve had the opportunity to do both this year! I’ve done runway modeling and danced at the playmates of Hollywood fashion show. The super talented artist deventrya performed her singlecapture the moment.” And D&J dance company choreographed our routine, loved them.

3) BEST of ‘The Simona’ On/Off set ?

         Best on, I love what I do I mean how fun is it that I get to play pretend and be someone else for a little bit as my job? Best off, I’m a free spirit always adventurous I’m the girl who will dance in stores cause I like the song playing, or race the electric carts in target! I suppose you can say I’m mischievous.

4) WORST of ‘The Simona’ On/Off set ?

        Worst on set, I’m my own worse critic. While tackling a scene I find troublesome I can become super serious. A polar opposite from my normal self. Worst off, I have a nasty temper, I’m working on it tho

5) One Sentence Descriptions – Peter Vilawanh, Alec Cano and Christian Strickland

Peter Vilayvanh: He’s An incredibly supportive boyfriend
Alec Cano: An undeniably talented youth. Keep an eye out for that one I have a feeling we will see much more of him in the film industry..  yes I know that’s more than a sentence but I couldn’t justify that with just one! Haha

Christian Strickland:
The kind of director one looks forward to working with.

Tribal Black Ops web-series,You are playing the female lead and are planned to turn into a Red Wolf at times ?              Yea how cool is that? I find the whole morphing super cool, But the fact that it’s a wolf makes it even more kick ass.

simona27) Are you the first’ Native American Scream Queen’ ?

   I honestly have no idea! I certainly hope not however if I am I sincerely hope I won’t be the last!

8) Valleywood or Hollyweird,Which would you prefer ?              Definitely Hollyweird! My sister always uses that term so its become a term of endearment to me.

9) Ever gonna write or direct ?

        I’d love nothing more! I enjoy lending my voice and face to another’s storytelling but I’d love the chance to bring a story of my own to life someday

0) What can you say to the fans, Who you are gonna meet because of Tribal Black Ops & Zenaida ?

         For the fans Thank you for joining me on this journey! I hope you all fall as much in love with the characters Rose and Zenaida as I have! I’m not sure how to answer the last question but I always love meeting new people so whoever I get to meet as a result is fine by me.simona3


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