SANTA’S SICKEST – Would’nt look into this bag of flicks at NIGHT !


This anthology for the Holidaze leads off with….

SLOPPY The Psychotic-Pretty amazing segment,Yes,Its mostly a Horror effort,But,There is humor-Black Humor.
The lead is a birthday party clown,Whose had better days and this would be one of the worst.
Really good script,Witty situations,Unique Kills,Believable lead.
IN the middle,Thank Gawd,Not at END —

I.B.S. -Okay,The title is for shock value,I get that.The lead actor has a John Candy innocence¬† haven’t seen in awhile.The deaths are funny in a inventive way, No less.Oh,That Musical Montage…LOL !

The Experiment- So,The final flick is scary & sexy.The lead scream has to be a stripper,practice on the pole and loses everything and then make money as a drug tester while being filmed without her knowledge,Actress is awesome and has to carry the flick while ALL the actors are mean and self centered and things end badly,But with some Redemption.



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