ART ‘Wolve’ PAUL – Atten: Tribal Black Ops , Blood Drive Short film and FIREFRIGHTER


1) How often do you work out ?
6 days a week, 2 hrs a day at least

2) You do Cosplay as WOLVERINE ?
No, I don’t do cosplay, but i dress up for Halloween.

3) Tell us more about LAMB FEED behind the scenes ?
I learned how a film was made behind the scene, and observed other actors perform in character.

4) How about RHONDA RIDES TO HELL,Bigger role for you ?
Yes, its a much bigger role for me, more screen time.

5) One Sentence Descriptions –
Michael S. Rodriguez : He is very creative, talented and imaginative.,
Meghan Chadeayne : A very beautiful talented actress.,
Robert Mukes : Is a true gentle giant with a kind heart someone to look up to in the industry.,
Michael Wainwright: Has an amazing way of getting into character, which i find very inspirational

6) BEST of The ‘Wolve’ ON/OFF set ?
I’m someone you can count on, very humble on and off set. Regardless of where I am, I love to entertain people.

7) WORST of The ‘Wolve’ ON/OFF set ?
On set I’m my own worst critic, off set I over analyze things.

8) We here you are top pick to play the Bad Guy in ‘TRIBAL BLACK OPS’ teaser/Indie-gogo short film, Opinions ?
Its an awesome opportunity to show my talents, and to take a step closer to my dreams!

9) How many accents can you do ?
I can do a couple and willing to learn more as needed.

10) What do you wanna tell the fans of your films and any others ?
To all 10 of my fans lol……..jk I hope you all enjoyed the films Iv been in, and I hope I keep on entertaining all of you.



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