CHOMP – When is a Zombie certifiable ???


Stars : Susan O’Gara, Kyle Porter and Joel D. Wynkoop.

A Lynne Hansen script & direction.

Okay,So CHOMP is very funny,Then it’s lurid and then …It’s ‘Disgustingly Hilarious’ effort.

The cast is great,and on their marks for the viewers to like them and yet be alittle wary,Is she for real in her views,Could he be -Was he ?

Joel D. Wynkoop , Is the name actor that moves production into the festival arena and wider audience level,Bravo !, Joel does that journeyman celeb thang so well and actually liked his character and could see him in a sequel someday .

Watched as a judge for Fantastic Film Festival San Diego and can say CHOMP deserves to be placed in competition,But  only one judge’s opinion so far and Can’t predict,But wish CHOMP  all my best wishes during festival season.



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