TERROR OF THE MIND’S EYE aka EVIL EYE – Was Robert Z’dar supposed to play Antiques Dealer ?

Stars : Morgan Adams,Written/Directed By: Mark Adams.

UPDATE : After the recent passing of Cult Icon ROBERT Z’DAR ( Zombiegeddon,Maniac Cop) who was replaced in MINDS OF TERROR also from Mark Adams,Fans and Gossip Vlogs have speculated that Robert might have been in ‘Evil Eye’ as a favor to make up for ‘Bad Blood’ after missed scenes from MOT ?

New Titles and music from KERRY MARSH.

‘Guestars LLC’ distribution is still negotiating with Adams about a http://www.createspace and or http://www.amazon.com streaming release for EVIL EYE !


So,Pay attention fans of obscure films from places other than Hollywood.

Mark Adams is a rebel,He is not much for violence as seen ,not imagined in the mind’s eye and not nudity or cussing (this EVIL EYE had the first cuss word believe uttered in his many flicks).

So, What makes Mark Adams films interesting ? Camera shots,locations( best use of a location) and the absolute skill needed to make the film he wants and thinks will entertain.

We met on another film MINDS OF TERROR,When his co-producer dumped his ownership in MOT in our laps,We loved the potential of MOT and gave it a killer poster,had it mastered to dvd and is now streaming on Amazon.com.

Adams took 10 years to do his next film,EVIL EYE,Which has Phantasm type moments and Troll2 pastiche at times.Morgan Adams(Mark’s daughter) plays the lead and she is good with her debut,Being her final role,Wants to do crew work like her dad.Supporting Morgan is a good cast,No Joe Estevez or Conrad Brooks and Adams couldn’t be happier for not going ‘B – Hollywood’ mode.

So,Let us break it down- Awesome locations from South Carolina like USS YORKTOWN museum and a cool haunted house locale,Morgan is good in lead sort of a Clare Danes turn,The Monster called Evil Eye has some shockingly cool moments.

Welcome back Mr Mark Adams,this film will do nicely !



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