LUKE CHURCH — Valleywood’s James Dean essence

     1) So,Do you get the JAMES DEAN comparisons alot ?
        Yes. In fact, when I was in High School in Colcord ,Oklahoma my cafeteria lady’s would call me Mr.Dean everyday at lunch.

2) You were good in FIGHTING SLEEP,Was that your most different role ?

         Thank You. I believe so, My roll in Fighting Sleep was Don. He is a little out there. It took layers of character building to create an unstable yet confident,homeless junkie that goes down the rabbit hole at a very fast pace to the point of overload. I had a great time on set with a very talented crew.

3) When will OPERATION A & E be released ?

                          I have no clue.

4) BEST of ‘The Church’ On/Off set ?

         This is a funny question. My good friends call me Church everyday. My best on set would have to be how I stay in character until we wrap. I am continuously building my character and ingulf myself in the roll. Offset- I am Extremely motivational. I love helping people, even if it’s just a smile and good conversation to bring possitivity to there day.

5) WORST of ‘The Church’ On/Off set ?

            Let’s see, the worst of me on set? Because I am so engulfed in my roll and I’m at work I’m not very talkative between takes. I usually like to find a good corner and keep reading over my script to get a visual of what’s to come.
Off Set- I talk allot, I mean sometimes you can’t shut me up. I’ll get to talking about something interesting and two hours later I take a breath and realize I’ve been on the same subject for two hours.

6)  LAMB FEED,In a role reversal,You become a Scream King,You okay with ?

        Yes! That would be an honor. Being recognized for my work would be amazing. I did do allot of screaming on the set of Lamb Feed. I’m happy it turned out good for the film.

7) One Sentence Descriptions –

    Robert Mukes— That guy is big, I’m telling you he’s a HUGE specimen of a man.
      Michael S. Rodriguez —Michael is a very dedicated director, passionate and loves what he does.
Arch Hall Jr—Mr. Arch Hall is talented, funny, very professional and was a privilege to work with him.
Brandon Payan —Brandon is my buddy. He is non-stop creating and this creator has a complex mind that I love to see at work.

8) Ever gonna Write or Direct a project ?

        In fact I am in the process of creating and directing a comedy skit show called Friday Night Fresno. That will be an hour and a half of Fresno related comedy in nine skits every Friday at the Fresno Soap Company. A Theatre House in the Tower District of Fresno.

9) So Music & You…Explain ?

         Well I grew up in my Grampa’s Pentecostal Church (Christ Temple Church) where music and the sprit go hand in hand. I was four years old when I started playing the drums in church and by twelve I went over to the piano and taught myself to play. Followed by the Organ, then the Saxophone and variations of the sax. Soprano, Alto, Tenor. Music is my release. When I’m in deep thought or stressed out you will find me on a piano bench somewhere.

10) That comment that your fans want from you,Say It ?

I will never stop perusing my dreams and aspirations for my career. I’m going after it like my life depends on it. Because it does.


Luke L Church

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