DAVID M. SITBON – This guy is so cool,The dead like him.


1) Disney Or Full Moon ?  As far as movies go, Full Moon all the way, but nothing beats the Disney Parks & Cruises!

2) Ever gonna Write or Direct ?  I never had a desire to direct, but I have a few cool ideas in my head & would love to one day put a script together.

3) Wait a second,What is your REAL Job ?  I do autopsies.  I started out being a practicing funeral director/embalmer.  The joke in my family is that they helped me go through mortuary school to put them [the dead] together and now I take them apart!  LOL!

4) BEST of ‘NOBTIS’ On/Off Set ?  Oh man… That is a tough one.  I think the character I’ve played who most people love is my portrayal of playing Retarded Charlie in “Abduction” by John Orrichio & that was a really fun scene to do too.  Another character I am fond of was playing Grey “The Sniffer” Mortimer, a serial killer, in the “Head Case” sequels.  Not only was he an interesting character, but the director Anthony Spadaccini actually allowed me to make the character my own (it was my idea that Grey enjoyed sniffing his victims & their body parts).  Plus it was a total honor that Anthony called me back to play Grey in the other films in the movie series as well.  Other than that, anything gross or messy is always fun to do and I’ve enjoyed roles that take me out of my comfort zone… It is really a satisfying feeling to see that I’ve accomplished something that I had no idea I’d be able to pull off.

5) WORST of ‘NOBTIS’ On/Off set ?  Well, there are PLENTY of those stories.  I am not a professional actor by any means and I’ve never taken any acting classes or gone to any casting seminars.  I consider myself a “hobby actor”.  I do it because I enjoy it and I do what I can around my work schedule,  It is truly just something fun for me to do.  But to get back to your question, I am horrible at memorizing big long blocks at a time.  There were quite a few times where I had to rattle-off my lines & I just kept screwing up and it took one take after another.  I remember my very 1st speaking scene was for “Suburban Sasquatch” (Troubled Moon Films).  Director Dave Wascavage took a chance with me because I’ve done nothing but background jobs before getting my role as Jackson.  I remember how excited I was.  I read & read my lines over and over that week.  I thought I was 100% ready & was able to rattle my lines off in my head on command.  The day of
shooting, I was so nervous, I kept fumbling with my lines & forgetting what my next sentence was.  It was so different saying them aloud in front of people than it was by myself in my head.  That character will always be close to my heart because that was my 1st film role, but as I look at it now, I can just see how clearly stiff & nervous I was… and now you all know it took a bunch of shots for me to get it right!  But it taught me an important lesson, after I get familiar with my lines, no matter how crazy I appear, I start saying them aloud over and over again with different gestures & vocal pitches… I’ve been known to do this even while driving to the set, LOL!

6) One Sentence Descriptions –
Charles Band: He’s a kooky guy who loves old school horror and always does his best to make his films fun to experience.
Rob Dimension: He’s a real agressive go-getter & when he’s not working on a pod cast, web series or film, he’s always promoting!
Jonathan Moody: He’s ambitious and always thinks “outside the box”, trying to make his film the very best they can be. I know this is two sentences, but I cannot wait to soon work with him… “Sasquatch Vs. Yeti” will be my 1st time!
Mike O’Mahony: He’s a real genuine guy who has a real talent telling a story on film and getting across exactly what he intended.
and John Orrichio: He takes his films seriously and he is great with fine details which might be missed the 1st or 2nd viewing.

7) Describe/Explain ‘Merry Christmas To My Wife’s Butt’ ???
It is a short that I am co-starring in which is coming out in late March by Apartment 1014 Films.  It is an experimental film taped on Hi8.  What makes it unique is there is no editing of any kind.  The film was shot as-is.  No re-do’s, and all sound effects were played during filming… nothing added in post.  We would practice, then shoot the scene & repeat.  In essence, the film was complete the second we finished the last scene. Even the credits were verbalized by the actors… Not one thing was edited in (or out) in post.  It is about a loving couple (myself playing the husband) having a lovely evening together.  As they decorate their Christmas tree, I notice the crack of her ass is showing.  Distracted, I accidentally poke her in the eye with one of the ornaments.  I don’t want to give much more away, but I do not react to her pain as one would expect a loving husband to do.  Then it gets weirder from there!  The director Dante Rene wanted to go
back to his original roots when he was just making films for the fun of it to share with his friends & family & see if he could still do a film his “old way” without any footage or digital editing of any kind.  I know you didn’t ask about him when you wanted my thoughts on directors, but I find him truly inspirational.  His films are non-linear and really unique & different.  They take you on a trip.  He tells his stories the way he wants them told and never bends on that even if it means the difference between selling his films on his own vs having them professionally distributed.    “Merry Christmas To My Wife’s Butt” is being released on-line this March &, there will be specific times given so it can be viewed for free on-line, followed up, of course, to being sold on DVD.

8) Can independent filmmakers still make movies,More than once?  Sure.  I’ve worked with quite a few great low-budget directors who have had multiple films distributed in their careers… and most of them, you can really see how they’ve grown in the subtle improvements in each film.

9) Are you really this nice in person ?  I would like to think so, at least if you catch me on a good day!

10) What do you want the Nobtis Fans to know ?  I am strange.  I love the bizarre and the unexpected.  Also, I want them to know that I do all my acting because it is fun.  Don’t take me seriously, because I don’t take myself seriously.  Just have fun watching my films.  If you tell me I suck, I’ll totally agree with you, but then I’ll say “but wasn’t that scene great?!”
To anyone near the South Eastern area of Pennsylvania, on March 6th two of my films are premiering at 11:45 PM for a Midnight show in Ambler, PA.  .  The films I am in are “Rabbit Hole” by You’ve Been Robbed Films/Rob Dimension and “Don’t Try This At Home by Maniac Films/ Mike O’Mahony.  Seats are just 5 dollars and that includes a small popcorn & soda.  Plus you will be able to meet the directors, many of the cast & crew and myself.  How can you beat that?  Come on by… I know you’ll have a great time!sitbon2

My IMDB Page:   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2136484  (Does NOT include all the films I was in since not all Indie films are on IMDB.)
My acting reel:  https://vimeo.com/59329609
My Facebook Page:   https://www.facebook.com/david.m.sitbon
My Youtube Page:  https://www.youtube.com/c/nobtis5


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