SCREAM MACHINE – Scarlet Fry makes The Anthology comeback !


Stars: Lloyd Kaufman,Scarlet Fry and Paul C. Hemmes.

Scarlet Fry and I got our start in Don Dohler’s Cinemagic magazine in the ’70s and Scarlet has re-captured those glory daze of Shot- On -Video with Scream Machine.

This anthology is pretty amazing and through crowd funding producers, Scream Machine is able to achieve it’s full potential and ‘Scare The Drug High right out of your Gourd’ !

5 segments : SLEDGEHAMMER : Haven’t Baseball Horror since THE CATCHER ’98( with Joe Estevez & David Heavener),Seriously Sport Horror flicks,A Lost Niche’ ?=This segment is really good with a nice build-up of suspense,good characters and awesome gore.

CANNIBAL PEN-PALS : So this LBGT person has a thing for Jeffrey Dahmer ( Oh,I guess it’s a flashback to when he wasn’t offed by cellmates) and mimics ‘Jeffrey-isms’ wink/wink/nudge/nudge.

APRIL FOOL’S PARTY,But it’s about April Fool’s Jokes gone really,really bad…Kids Don’t Do Drugs !

SEPTIC SHOCK : Funny,Gross and great script set-up to eventual come uppance.

DEADLY INDIE DRIVE-IN : Okay,So this is the final spot and gives the ‘New’ Discovery – Paul C. Hemmes a chance to shine and has some cool ‘4th Wall Breaking’ goodness.




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