VOICES FROM THE GRAVE – Anthology from the writer of ‘The Howling’ …





stars : Scarlet Fry.

A film by: Richard Stoudt & Laurence Holloway.

This film of 3 Very Scary short stories is so ,so good.

One of the stories INVITATION is by the late writer of ‘The Howling’ flicks,No werewolves are seen or unseen,But Blood Marys abound.

let’s go back to the beginning,Wraparound story takes place in a Bookstore (?) they still exist,This one may not,Could be a Ghostly apparition with as much gore that resides within some of it’s tomes and SCARLET FRY is the ye old bookstore clerk.

The story ALL HALLOWS EVE is definitely an anti-drinking and driving warning,Stated very well and the gore and acting is excellent.

So,The last bit is call RE-POSSESSED ,About a haunted Silver Corvette( There went there budget,Sheesh.)Love ‘haunted cars flicks’ anyway and this is no exception-Great story,Acting was right on,The car deserves to be added to ‘Creepy Cars From Films ‘ list that all those Vloggers get to post too much.

One last comment,Excellent music thru-out film,really sets ALL the moods.



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