SOKE DAVE JOHNSON – After Chuck Norris,It’s This Guy !



1) Who is a SOKE, What do they do ?

Though the term “Soke” is often
debated as to it’s proper use, I am a “Soke” and I use the term “Soke”
simply because I have developed a complete Martial System (Sei Ei Do),
am currently recognized and ranked internationally as a Grand Master,
and have developed my system throughout North Amaerica, South America,
and Europe, producing Masters and Country Directors.

2) Do you choreograph movie/tv fight scenes ? We hear ‘Tribal Black Ops’
is looking ?

Yes, and I feel that I am the best!!! After 55 years in the
arts, competition, and movie making, I understand camera angles,
lighting, realism, timing, and the need to not only give great direction
but the ability to understand the direction. However, I’m very
demanding, accepting only perfection.

3) The BEST of ‘The Dave’ ON/OFF sets ?

Fun, Funny, Grateful, Giving,
excitement driven, seeing the best in others.

4) The WORST of ‘The Dave’ ON/OFF sets ?

Serious at times, very focused,
which is often mistaken for being in a bad mood, quiet at times,
Demanding of one-self and others.

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

Matt Sconce -Epic Talent Overload,

Charles Napier -was a blast to work with,

Scott Seargeant- is fun to work with and  multi-talented,

Scott Kirkpatrick-is sometimes hard to read but kind and very talented,

and Tommy Wolfe – is very kind, talented, approachable,
and someone I look forward to working with.

6) So, Martial Arts—Just how good are you ?  I am the BEST!

At what  techniques ? Most specifically, Close Quarter Combat and Tactical

7) Tell us about your HALL OF FAME induction ? Which one?

I have been inducted into every Major Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the World and a
few of them more than once for different awards. 14 inductions at last

8) Can you explain your role in FIREFALL ?

Delusional, extremely talented, paranoid musician, Hilarious!

9) Is RIDE TO IRON MOUNTAIN your next project ?

Not sure, it’s on hold.

10) Leave us with those words we need to read from you ?

Stay constantly  grateful, Demand the Best and Accept nothing Less from yourself &
others, seek out ways to contribute, never take tomorrow for granted,
recognize the beauty in all things, Live until you Die. 🙂dave2


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