JONATHAN MOODY- Wait till ‘The Mood’ Strikes ‘ya !

1) You have a high profile in Micro Budget films,Is that a good thing ?High profile in anything I feel is a great thing. However its really what you do with the film that really makes it great. Micro Budget films are tough because you have to make the stories work with your budget but if you are creative you can make anything work.

2) Do you have a current favorite project or projects ?

Hahah that’s like asking if I had kids which child do I love the most. I’m excited about all my projects. But the 5 that have taken the longest to make are probably the ones I’m most excited for which are “Sasquatch VS Yeti”, “Scavenger”, “Scream Queen Campfire”, “Dracula’s War”, and “Echo Lake Massacre” …and ‘My Ex Girlfriend The Serial Killer’.

3) BEST of THE MOOD On/Off set ?

Ha… The Mood. Never been called that before but okay.

The best of me, I guess, on set was The Invited Pilot. It was such an easy going and not so stressful set that I was able to concentrate and get stuff done.

Off set- Probably every day I get to sit in my room, drink lots of coffee, and write till my hearts content.

4) WORST of THE MOOD On/Off set ?

On set- It was on the set of Valentine’s Prey a short film I did for Scary Story Slumber Party Volume 1. I was not completely ready to act, direct, and produce all at the same time. I remember being irritable and not focused. I even snapped at poor Devanny Pinn for no reason. I was happy she stuck through it with me because it came out a lot better than it could have because of all of it.

Off set- Probably anytime I’m not making anything and going through filmmaking withdrawal.

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

Jackey Hall- She’s one of my best friends and like a little sister to me

,Melantha Blackthorne- One hell of a lady who I can’t wait to work with!

Chanel Ryan- A powerhouse performer with talent and beauty!

John Johnson– Easiest person I’ve ever gotten along with and a badass director!

and Robert Elkins- A director you will be hearing about for years to come!

6) Crowd funding-A Good thing or Bad ?

Good and Bad. The problem is especially with horror films these days everyone is trying to raise money somehow. So the market gets flooded with people trying to do the same thing. We don’t really make as much on it and it’s almost 24/7 kind of job. But when you do get your film funded through it, it’s the best feeling in the world.

7) Is DRACULAS WAR going to happen ?

Its our biggest budget so… yes. It will. Just gonna take a little longer. But we’re well on our way.

8) Ever go to CONVENTIONS and meet fans of your fans ? Good or Bad experiences ?

Yep. I do it as much as I can. I’ve had great experiences and I’ve had bad ones. It happens no matter what you do or where you go. But believe me I have a blast no matter where I go. And no matter who I meet.

9) Hey,You are a film judge at Fantastic Horror Film Festival 2015 ? explain ?

Ah yes I am. It really hasn’t been talked about on my facebook or anything and I am super excited. So many awesome films I’ve already had the pleasure to watch. Come on Halloween… lets get this going!

10) That special statement that we need to read from THE MOOD ?

Once again such a funny nickname. I guess the statement I would make is for independent filmmakers to support other struggling independent filmmakers. Don’t bring them down. Even if you don’t like them personally, that’s your business, you don’t have to make it everyone else’s business. We’re all in this together and we should all treat everyone with kindness and grace.

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