THE FALLEN – It’s not about a tree…


Stars : Sydnee M. Douglass &  Jacklyn Dee.

Write & Directed by : Adam Beck & Scott Seargeant.

Very,very emotional short film about separation of a daughter and father and what symbolizes that in a most poetic way.

The cast is excellent,The mother Jacklyn Dee was also in THE THANK YOU, The award winner at World Ag Expo.

The father is a soldier heading off to defend US,He tries to explain to his daughter he must leave and that she will have their favorite tree and it’s swing to remind her of him.

After he leaves her mom & her put a yellow ribbon around tree, As so many of us have done until loved ones return.

What happens next,Has to do with title,and we don’t do spoilers on films we like, See THE FALLEN whenever you can.



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