SCARY STORY SLUMBER PARTY – How was this cast with so many hotties ?


Stars : Jackey Hall & Devanny Pinn.

Write & Directed by : Jonathan Moody & John Johnson.

Amazing cast of pretty people,Really awe struck how lucky the casting was.

We don’t do spoilers here,But so many vignettes with fast paced good writing & filmic execution.

The wraparound to anthology is a slumber party with co-eds telling Scary Stories.

Bashed -lead off and title is giveaway.

Backstabber – Sometimes text are innocent.

The Pledge – First appearance of Devanny Pinn and not the last,Lucky us.

Imaginary Fiend – neat idea,executed well.

Event Invitation – One of the longer segments ,With great set-ups of suspense. A note most of these entries are like 5 minutes.

The Dare – Has the incredible Jackey Hall in it.

Unlucky Night – One of our favorites,with a great pay-off at end.

Valentines Prey – Just take the flowers.

Capture & Kill – Very much a take off of the Duck Dynasty craze and has a great plot and open ended for sequel.

Noise Complaint – last entry and perhaps one of the most disturbing for its set up of events unfolding.

This reviewer was kind of exhausted after this barrage of icky mini – chillers.


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