ROBERT Z’DAR ‘Rest In Peace,My Fiend !’


R.I.P. ROBERT ‘The Jaw Line’ Z’DAR  1950-2015
(Maniac Cop,Tango & Cash,Soultaker )

Z’Dar was hospitalized after suffering chest pains during Pensacon, and was on the mend before going into cardiac arrest Monday night.

1a) Favorite Film/1b)Favorite Book or Magazine/1c)Favorite CD:

“The Godfather” 1 & 2 / Julie Strains new book Julie Strains Greatest Hits / My personal Compilation of the past 4 decades. It is to hard for a true music lover to narrow that down to one CD.

2) Who would you like to work with? Living Or Dead:

Kevin Spacey, Tim Robbins , Christopher Walken to name a few. This list could go on forever.

3) What’s The Best Thing About You?

I consider myself down to earth and very professional.

4) What’s The Worst Thing About You?

I enjoy sleep, to much!

5) Any Personal Quirk Or Habit, We Can Quote?

I am a real piece of work! I enjoy life to the fullest yet I am very disciplined.

6) How Do You Relax?

Working out at the gym and spending quality time with good friends.

7) Make That Lasting Impression With Your Audience (NOW)!

If someone finds me the right role, I will make a lasting impression!

(reprinted from 2000 interview).


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