HANSEL Vs GRETEL – Or have a cool sequel to a Cooler Mockbuster !


Stars : Jhey Castles,Brent Lydic and Lili Baross.

Write by : Jose Prendes.

Directed by: Ben Demaree.

WAIT a second this is a Mockbuster of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 1& 2 ….Sheesh,#2 wont be out till 2016,But the end of this flick IS A SPOILer ???

Okay,Just gonna get on with my review,For one thing huge fan of Jhey Castles (Haven’t seen her since DEATH RATTLE : CRYSTAL ICE,Since was on The Asylum’s ‘Naughty List’ for 2 years and missed her bigger Hollyweird fare.

Jhey leads a coven of witches wanting to pick up where Dee Wallace Stone’s LILITH from HANSEL & GRETEL left off.

Hansel has really become a Bad Arse Witch Hunter(c) and Gretel,Not so much.

The Witch Coven members have different powers and so deaths are pretty creative,If that’s a ‘Thing’.

Oh,Yah,There is ALOT of licking going on….

Here’s what we said about the first one:




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