LAUREN PARKINSON – A Classic Beauty with class beyond the looks…

     1) You played WONDER WOMAN in’ DC Elseworlds’ web-series ?
            I played Donna Troy, Wonder Woman’s Sister, in DC Elseworlds thanks to Chris Cowan…Part II and III some years ago. Yep, that was my first role I played in Cali.

2) You played SNOW WHITE in The Asylum’s mockbuster of The Avengers AVENGERS GRIMM ?

                     Yes! Dream Role! Riding that Promoting wave now…so grateful! The DVD just came out! Go buy it!  Please? (Bats eyelashes) Also, check out Steve Pisa’s Avengers Grimm podcast for my ramblings on this topic 😀

3) Second billing after Michael Madsen in COBRA-GATOR ?

                                Lucky girl I guess? (Knocking on wood)

4) One Sentence Descriptions – I was going to sum all of them up by saying for dogs and one puppy, but…change it all to one run on sentence each and…

      Michael Madsen: is Sweet and Gritty, Shy and appreciative of all female forms – would give ya half his rack of ribs – chill real dude

Casper Van Dien : He vibrates at higher frequency, master of the craft, king of his own social media, inspiration and coach.

      Lou Ferrigno : Living Legend, Huge heart, a family man, a modest hero.
Paul Logan :Action man, who wins best bod for 2015, tongue tied and warm, always gives 100%.
     Jim Wynorski: He is a tough exterior with a mama’s boy inside loves his job so much he mouths the words right along with you… Really a hard worker but really a doll too…
      and Ron Jeremy: Great Storyteller, besides his quote, “hey, you mind if I pinch your ass?” (Right as he does so) 😮 but so damn entertaining.

5) BEST of ‘The Lauren’ On/Off set ?

         Most would say my laugh, I would say my Love.

6) WORST of ‘The Lauren’ On/Off set ?

              Some would say my laugh, I would say my insecurity.

7) Seems like you are about to go’ Famous’,Not exactly overnight ?

            Nobody becomes famous overnight…and please don’t scare me with that word either… :0 😀

8) Ever gonna Write or Direct ?

               This year I’ve been focusing my energy on furthering my acting career – writing is uncharted territory.  It’s a bit of the having the kid vs. being the aunt syndrome- The writers do such a good job and I get to come in the end and play… What’s better than that? Gives me time to try and keep my random skills sharp and press forward. While I do have a bossy bone, I’m enjoying this learning process before I try on the directors chair..

9) You were in THE LACKEY,We know them,Any Gossip ?

             Gossip? I don’t Gossip…but I could tell you I love them very much, admire their hard work and go getter attitude, and I’m super grateful for them bringing me in on their project. Oh well, I do have some good gossip for their ladies… All these dudes are so respectful and loyal to you – all business in the best way ❤ can’t say that about the rest of the biz – I kind of harmlessly flirt with everything… ladies and gents, babies to mature folk, animals and cute insects… But I could tell when someone wants to be left un-flirted and for that I add another level of respect to these guys…

10) Last Inspiring Words For Your Fans ?

If you can visualize it , it can be… As long as you take one step and then give another…work hard and take care of yourself

@LaurenPactress – figment interview–avengers-grimm – avengers grimm interview


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