JHEY CASTLES – So,Yah, Uber Cool & AWEsome Femme Fatale


1) Do you remember being in  DEATH RATTLE CRYSTAL ICE ? Of Course! I had met the Director Dennis Salcedo while filming and working on The Visitation. It was a labor of love and a solid experience. The Salcedo Brothers are wonderful people. 

2) You started off slow in films and now it seems like a movie every 6 monthes with The Asylum ? I turned my focus to commercial acting for awhile, while I studied and focused on honing my skills as a film actor. During that time, I began performing in live singing/dancing/acting shows all around Los Angeles (and still do)! In fact, it was a live performance in (my favorite show to date) “Wake Not the Dead”, at the King King in Hollywood that actually garnered me the wonderful opportunity to audition for my first Asylum Film “Apocalypse Pompeii”. It was directed by, now good friend, Ben Demaree who would go on to direct me and be a part of my next two Asylum Films. I am very grateful to The Asylum for the role and bringing me into “the family” over there. I have met some unbelievable people through those films, and hope to work on another project with them soon.

3) One Sentence Descriptions – Adrian Paul ,John Rhys – Davies,Brent Lydic ,Grace Van Dien and Shaun Gerardo.

Adrian Paul is hard to describe in one sentence, but professional and fun should be in there somewhere!
John Rhys-Davies is the epitome of what most actors strive to be; open, gracious, loves to work, hilarious, and just plain good at what he does.
Brent Lydic is a hard working, caring actor to work with.
Grace Van Dien is so adorable it hurts, and an absolute delight.
I didn’t get to work directly with Shaun Gerardo, but he is dedicated to his craft, and professional.
I am going to add Lili Baross, and Aqueela Zoll (from Hansel V Gretel) These ladies are simply amazing, and we can all look forward to a lot more wonderful work from these two power houses!

4) BEST of JHEY On/Off set ? I genuinely love meeting and working with everyone on set including crew. I never back down from a challenge or trying something new. 

5) WORST of JHEY On/Off set ? When it’s time for me to focus, I will disappear and get quiet. It feels shocking for some on set for “joke telling fun Jhey” to all the sudden to be removed. Also, maybe some of my jokes. Ha. 

6) Ever gonna Write or Direct ? I have dabbled in both! I take part in a friendly, invite only, film festival every year called Drexel Dance. I have submitted two 5 minute shorts: one of which I co-wrote, co-directed, and acted in, and the other was my own twisted little brain child creation, acted in, directed, and edited. I won awards for both. I am working on a few other personal projects now as well.

7) Feelings about “Mockbusters” ? Now having been a part of them, I see their greatness even more! They don’t in any way detract from the other big budget film, and they give lessor known directors and actors an opportunity to be seen and gain experience. They are fun, create jobs for a lot of hard working new cast and crew, and do what every movie strives to do… entertain! It’s out of respect for the wonderful people who make these huge blockbusters. Not only are we saying we believe in your film, but we believe it will be a success. Mockbusters are a more “affordable version” that does it’s best given it’s financial restrictions. Emulating fashion designers, musical styles, and art work is the same premise. If it’s your thing… you’ll love it. There is a real, amazing group of followers that are who we cater to! Unbelievably fun fans!

8) Do you prefer Nice roles & Evil ? I think all roles are both. So I have no preference 🙂

9) You sing and play guitar ? I sing, write, and play the ukulele. I play my original music with “Jhey and The Whee” performing all over LA, and also sing/play with a very “happy” cover band Terribly HAPPI. Occasionally I jump on stage with the jam band LowellSoul, and The Freedom Ledges who rock AND roll.

10) Last comments for the fans ? The gift of appreciation is gold. “We have two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one.” -Confucius 

I am forever grateful to those who choose to share, lift up, and change lives. 
See Jhey in : San Andreas Quake,Hansel Vs Gretel,and Apocalypse Pompeii

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