El Quetzal De Jade aka The Jade Bird …A Maltese Falcon for Millenials



So, It’s a neat film,It has that Film Noir look(Not seen in decades,Maybe in the SIN CITY films,But this flick ain’t cartoony like).

Fans of film that remember Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon,Will love this current update of story.

So, The Locations are impressive mostly Guatemala but also Quebec and Chinatown-Los Angeles.

The dialogue is mostly Spanish ( Subtitled in English),But a third of in English too.

The acting is really good and believable in character,Oh ! Anabel !! We do not like you,Just saying.

This film will do well…IF you like action-adventures,Telenovelas or just a well done film with camera work that spells out CLASSY and has a helicopter and fast cars.




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