SAN ANDREAS QUAKE -No ROCKS can stop this Mockbuster !!!


Stars : Jhey Castles & Grace Van Dien.

Write & Directed By: John Baumgartner

So, It’s not SAN ANDREAS and Jhey Castles IS NOT ‘The Rock’, But Her and Grace Van Dien are both prettier than him….

Hey, Jason Woods is really good as the male lead,I suspected he was Micho Rutare Jr.,But been wrong before.

THERE is a helicopter,Like the one Overused in The Rock trailer.

Jhey Castles was so good in HANSEL Vs GRETEL as a baddie,To see her own a whole movie as it’s heroine is quite a leap in acting ability.

Grace Van Dien, Will for awhile longer be associated as Casper Van Dien’s daughter .

It’s a good flick,Exciting,suspenseful and wild to see such evil happen to California,Besides that whole water thingy.



6 thoughts on “SAN ANDREAS QUAKE -No ROCKS can stop this Mockbuster !!!

      1. its showing now here in the philippines. why 2 movies same title? same storyline? i downloaded it a while ago and then i was a bit disappointed that its not THE ROCK because i dont know there are 2 movies. But Ill definitely watch this other san andreas movie. thanks

      2. nice movie. realistic except for the hippo and giraffe. find it funny lol. Pls answer my questions why there are 2 movies?

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