FLIGHT WORLD WAR II —One of ‘The Asylum ‘s best films in years !



Stars: Faran Tahir,Robbie Kay, Aqueela Zoll and Jonathan Nation.

Write by: Jacob Cooney & Bill Hanstock.

Directed by : Emile Edwin Smith.

Absolutely loved this flick, Hands down one of the best we have seen this year and miles above any from Those SHARKNADO peoples.

Started off thinking,Hey this isn’t a Mockbuster,Huh ?

Been accused of being a Final Countdown ( 1980) remake ?,Really, That was a long time ago and big studios have been remaking stuff from just a few years back since ever.

Acting is so good & real,Some effects were also right on like all the plane stuff,Some of the situations involving the wounded plane are to be forgived.



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